Community events where you can find us:

Living Right takes great pride in being involved in the community and participating and sponsoring events. We like to focus on family and children’s events but welcome suggestions for other community events we could get involved in.

Here are some of the events we will be involved with in the near future:

Request our participation in your next event

Trade and Consumer Shows where you can find us:

You can also find us at a variety of trade and consumer shows across North America. Please feel free to drop by and say hi!

Ambassador Program

Click here to become an Ambassador

LifeMuse Program (regional throughout Canada and the US)

What we are looking for in representatives in the programs?
Someone enthusiastic about organic and natural food to represent us in either Canada or the US who would like to:

  • Promote the company and products to community and friends
  • Provide samples and/or coupons to key people to develop interest
  • Educate and speak to the benefits of organic/natural food
  • Speak to the benefits of the Living Right option
  • Occasionally participate at events/trade shows and “meet” our customers
  • Occasionally organize meetings and events to introduce Living Right
  • Write or propose articles, comments, or blurbs about the company or the products (to publications and on our website and other websites)
  • Provide us with feedback and product suggestions for our improvement!
  • About you

    With or without children (as long as you love our products!):
    Stay at home, working, or both are welcome

    Desire to be heard:

    You take health and positive lifestyle seriously.
    Already enthusiastic about or interested in the benefits of natural and organic eating and understand the benefit.
    Are currently a loyal customer of ours!
    Looking for an opportunity to grow yourself as well as us!

    Involved in the community:

    Have continuously been a part of groups or organizations.
    Have organized and/or lead formal mommy, kids, or parenting groups (with organized meetings, email lists, and guests speakers)
    Attend these groups at least on a weekly basis.
    Desire to increase involvement and speak to these groups.
    Tend to “know about things” and be the trusted advisor to friends and acquaintances.
    Stay on top of health trends and benefits of healthy organic / natural eating
    Ready to represent a company, throw the occasional event such as formal charity events:
    Help us be creative and reach out to mothers and parents!
    Willing to formally organize and cater these.

    What we offer in return:

    Coupons and free products when events thrown with a 25 mom or dad minimum
    Great promo item such as organic cotton clothing and other rewards
    Meet the Living Right team at ambassador events when we’re in your area
    A chance to be heard and a profile on our website
    Donation in your name of up to $100 dollars to select children’s charities with Living Right!

    Food and Nutrition (US) and (Canada)

    Health and Wellness


    Rest of World


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